Kerry Comic Con Costume Contest

Get working on that costume as we have lots of prizes to give away each year for the best costumes at the show!

DCC always has some amazing costumers and cosplayers in attendance and we love to give them a chance to show how much work they have put into their costumes and win some prizes and we want the South to bring their best to K-Con!.


How do I enter and when is it on?

There will be a sign up sheet located at our information desk in the main foyer. Once you sign up you will be placed into the correct category. Please be ready and in costume by 1.30 at the latest so that we can have you all arranged near the stage as the contest begins at 2pm.

Terms and Conditions

For the Professional Category, your costume will be rated on many aspected from fabrication (how much was made by you), assembly (how well the pieces are attached and move), overall look (how the costume sits on you and how well proportioned it is) and attention to detail (are the rivets painted on or did you hand make each rivet) etc.


*Please note if a cash prize is won by a team or group it will be split between the winners.

Categories; Under 18's, Adults (18+), Professional, Team/Group, Host Favourite

The prize breakdown for the professional category is as follows;

  • 1st place (200 Euro)
  • 2nd place (100 Euro)
  • 3rd Place (50 Euro)

The prize breakdown for the Adult category is as follows;

1st place (100 Euro)

2nd place (50 Euro)

3rd Place (Merch Prize)

The prize breakdown for the other categories is a mix of merchandize prizes and materials.