Kerry Comic Con Interactive Sets & Props

At K-Con we provide free interactive sets for photo ops aswell as displays of screen used props and costumes straight from the movie sets!

Attendees had a chance to be escorted through the remains of this off world colony and if they were lucky enough they made it through the other side.

Every year at K-Con and DCC we are building new sets and modifying old ones. Last year you were escorted through LV426, this year you are taking the place of one of the victims!

Or maybe you would prefer to test your might and see can you take the power of Thor or simply take up a shield in the world of Skyrim!
With so many sets on display at K-Con and DCC each year the only way to know what they are like is to come along!





Want to get your own back on those pesky zombies? Well at K-Con you can take charge of these two fine specimens

The Star Wars fan in you can go to our SW themed backdrops where you can get your photo with some of the amazing costumed SW characters from the charity group The Emerald garrison.

...and remember...if you want to find out what our new sets are you will have to check out K-Con


Not only do you get the chance to see some amazing costumes being worn by attendees to K-Con but you can also view Comic Con's private collection of original and replica props and costumes aswell as other displays brought by groups and exhibitors attending K-Con andDCC.

With props and costumes from Aliens to Spartacus there is something for everyone to enjoy!