Kerry Comic Con Activities

Not only do we have guests, panels, costumes, contest and console gaming at Kcon but we also have board and card gaming aswell as cosball and screenings!


Our friends over at Sandbox Gaming will be running some amazing tournaments and casual games over the course of K-Con and you can find them on the top floor, just follow the sound of fun!



Magic The Gathering Event : Draft

Price: €15


Draft is a format in which all players open booster packs together, take one card and pass the pack to the player next to them. This continues until all packs have been opened and players then build decks with a minimum of 40 cards with no card limit. All participants will be grouped into pods of 8 players and play in a short 3 round tournament. The top 4 players in each pod will receive additional boosters

Magic The Gathering Event: Chaos

Price: €30


Chaos Draft works just like a regular Draft except the packs received are random. The full list of packs in the pool are: Shadows Over Innistrad Eldritch Moon Scars of Mirrodin Mirrodin Besieged Kaldesh Aether Revolt Conspiracy Conspiracy Take the Crown Oath of the Gatewatch Modern Masters 2 Modern Masters 2017 Eternal Masters

Magic The Gathering Event: Commander

Price: €10


Commander Grand Melee Free-For-All! Each player will receive a choice of two Booster packs from those available. As you eliminate players you will take half their packs. When you leave the table to walk away with all the packs you have gathered but you can only concede during your upkeep. Infinite Combos when shown to eliminate all other players will take 1 pack from each player and immediately step out of the game if they cannot be countered, retaining all packs they received during the game.

Yu-Gi-Oh Event: Constructed

Price: €5

Constructed format using your own tournament legal decks. Top prize will be a YGO Playmat. OTS Packs on entry.

Open Gaming


We will have a range of open games available for free play with staff available for tutorials. There will be several active games being run and pending staff availability we are more than happy to introduce you to any of our open game copies. We'll also be running three large group games every hour including:

Ultimate Werewolf

Players: Unlimited

You are part of a quiet rural village, with the exception of Werewolf attacks. Players will be guided through the day phase by our Town Mayor and try to suss out who among them is a Werewolf. The Werewolves must survive to the end to win, while eliminating suspicious players during the night phase! Werewolf is a very simple bluffing/guessing game, a fun quick play through between events is highly recommended!


Players: 10

A quest to seek out the Holy Grail, Half the table is good, half is... dubious at best. Each round players will select and vote on a party to send on the mission, 5 missions in total will see victory to either side. Make sure you choose your allies wisely.... Merlin knows who the villainous players are from the beginning, but if the Assassin finds out who Merlin is, the kingdom loses.

Zombie Dice

Players: Unlimited

A simple Dice Game where you are a zombie trying to eat as many brains as you can find! Roll out three dice and gather your brains, get three shotguns in a single turn though and you lose everything! You can bank brains at any stage after rolling for the turn but you can also risk it all and roll as many times as you have guts! Best played in Hordes.

Our open games and demos available include:

Smash Up!

Players: 8 (2 groups of 4)

Cards and nonsense. Take two random themed decks and smash them together! Will you end up with Robot Dinosaurs? Or Martian Wizards? Will your Pirate Ninjas take the lead?

Game: Boss Monster

Players: 16 (4 groups of 4)

Nostalgic Retro Gaming and Megalomania combine in Boss Monster, where you play the part of the Final Boss building your treacherous dungeon to lure in foolish adventurer's. Steal the most souls to win. Delicious souls. They go well with soup.

Exploding Kittens

Players: 15 (3 groups of 5)

A quick and easy game for those who like kittens. And Explosions. And sometimes butts.

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards

Players: 18 (3 groups of 6)

Zap, burn, explode, tickle and kick your enemies in the jewels. Everything goes in Spell Wars! A card game any budding Wizard would be honoured to battle in.

We will also have open copies of classic favourites such as: Settlers of Catan Carcassonne Machi Koro Ticket to Ride Pandemic Contagion Dominion Munchkin Love Letter